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A quality excavator – like those supplied by Gerry Kearns Plant Hire – is an invaluable addition to any project. Excavators are able to adapt to various different tasks and as such become central to the smooth and efficient running of any site.
The excavators provided by Gerry Kearns Plant Hire are of the highest quality. All our machinery is subjected to stringent quality and maintenance tests. This ensures clients that they're hiring only the most efficient excavators.
All our excavators come with a fully qualified and extremely experienced operator. Our professional operators know our vehicles inside out and can add a further level of efficiency and professionalism to your next project.

Do you require a fully maintained excavator on your next project? Then get in contact with Gerry Kearns Plant Hire now.

Do you need a truck for your next project? Then get in contact with Gerry Kearns Plant Hire today.

Our Range of Excavators

No matter what the scale of your next job, Gerry Kearns Plant Hire has the right excavator for you. In almost all projects excavators often become intertwined in all aspects of work. Their extreme versatility means they can adapt to all kinds of jobs.
Our range of excavators are perfectly suited to demolition sites, building sites and just about anywhere where industrial-sized digging, or the loading and removal of heavy loads is necessary.

Can your next project benefit from the versatility of a quality excavator? Get in contact with Gerry Kearns Plant Hire to find out.

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