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Water Supply

Gerry Kearns Plant Hire offers domestic and commercial clients all over the greater Dublin area a range of water supply services, designed to streamline mains water supply installation. Leveraging our years of experience and our state of the art construction equipment, we’re able to lay down mains water pipes and install a mains water system quickly and effectively.
Our water supply service includes:

New water supply
Storm water supply
Sewer connection

No matter what your water supply needs, you can rest assured that Gerry Kearns Plant Hire has the resources, expertise and experience to quickly and effectively lay all kinds of piping. We only use the most modern digging and laying techniques, to ensure a quick and environmentally friendly installation.

For more information on our mains water laying and pipe installation procedures, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Gerry Kearns Plant Hire today.

Water Supply Repair

Gerry Kearns Plant Hire’s expert team of water supply experts are available to repair pipes in the event of a leakage or a crack.
Aversive weather conditions can have a detrimental effect on water pipes. Freezing conditions can lead to pipes shattering which can cause widespread problems with seepage and a complete stoppage of the water supply.
Gerry Kearns Plant Hire’s team of experts can quickly identify areas where damage has occurred and replace pipes quickly and effectively. Our aim is to keep disruption to a commercial property or a household to an absolute minimum.

If you suspect your mains water supply has been damaged get in contact with Gerry Kearns Plant Hire today.

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